The Benefits of Stucco-Tech Exterior Coating Your Home

If you’re a homeowner who lives in an area where you spend a portion of the year running your air conditioning system to make your home more comfortable, you most likely see a significant increase in your electric bill each Summer.

What can be frustrating is that your options for saving money on air conditioning have been traditionally limited to finding other ways such as having new insulation installed or installing solar panels.

What Stucco-Tech Can Do For You

Stucco-Tech is a high technology exterior coating that uses reflection to decrease the amount of invisible light and energy that your home absorbs.  Similar to the effect that wearing sun glasses has on people exercising in the heat, homes that are clad in Stucco-Tech reflect the sun so that your walls never heat up as much as they normally do. Because of this, your home stays cooler inside as less heat is absorbed.

The net savings to you will typically start to accrue right away in the form of lower electrical bills because not only does Stucco-Tech reflect the heat away from your home it also helps keep the indoor temperature stable whether you’re heating the home or cooling it.

Stucco-Tech manufacturers realized that the product had a lot of potential several years ago and started extensive testing with the formulas that they had developed in order to ensure that they could produce products that would not only lower your energy bill, but stand the test of time.

Stucco-Tech Exterior Coatings have a lifetime warranty which means you will not have to paint your home once the initial coating has been applied.

The Stucco-Tech coating is also available in many different colors, giving people a wide variety of choices to help turn your vision into a reality.


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