If you have the opportunity to schedule a home performance assessment for your home, don’t miss out! Home performance contracting describes the process of assessing major home efficiency, air quality, comfort, and safety issues. Learn more about how scheduling service with a qualified contractor can transform your home below!

Most homes have some level of air leakage that diminishes the efficiency of a home’s HVAC system. There could be air leaks around windows and doors that let warmth in during the summer, so your air conditioner has to work a whole lot harder, driving up your bills. In addition, you might have older equipment in need of a replacement or a tune up so that your monthly bills are no longer so high.

A home performance contractor can help you to determine if your HVAC system or if conditions around your home are making your bills spiral out of control. Then, you can schedule the proper services to get it under control!

Some of the leaks and cracks around your home might also be making you feel a lot less comfortable. Leaks in the air ducts lead to uneven heating and cooling, and a tiny hole around a window can cause a draft. A lack of insulation makes heat more likely to escape in the winter and more likely to come in during summer.

All of these things and more are addressed during a home performance audit, during which a technician will show you what you can do to make your home a more comfortable place to be.

Could your HVAC system be making you sick? If you don’t have the proper filtration or ventilation, it just may be. And there’s always the small risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak if a natural gas heating system is not well-maintained. Routine maintenance services address such health and safety issues, and a technician will alert you if anything is wrong.


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