How Does SEER Effect Energy Efficiency And Which Rating Is Right For You?

Upgrading to a more energy efficient Air Conditioning System isn’t a single-step process. There are multiple items that should be factored in and determined to ensure you install the right system for you and your home. One part of this process is determining just how energy efficient you want your HVAC system to be, and the way to determine this is by the SEER rating. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it tells you specifically where an HVAC system falls in terms of energy efficiency. But choosing a system based on SEER alone isn’t advisable; instead, SEER should be one of several aspects that you take into consideration before having a new HVAC system installed. The experts at Hometech Builders can help you review different SEER numbers to help you choose the right one for your home in Southern California.


All air conditioners have SEER ratings. In 2006, the federal mandate for SEER rose from 10 to 13, so any whole home air conditioner manufactured from 2006 forward has a minimum SEER of 13. The SEER scale runs from 1 to 23+, but you need to understand how SEER works before installing a new HVAC system of a high SEER and calling it a day.

The best way to illustrate SEER is to review the same make and model of an AC system at different SEER ratings. Why? Because Model A with a SEER of 13 won’t cool less than Model B with a SEER of 16; both units will cool your home the same way. The difference is that the unit with the higher SEER rating will use less energy to do so, saving you money. However, the system with the higher SEER rating will cost you more initially, so what you need to do with your trained expert is determine where the breaking point is. In other words, what SEER level will save you money in energy over the long-term without breaking the bank in the short-term.

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