There are numerous factors affecting the decision to replace your air conditioning system. You may be impelled by necessity: your old AC may have simply stopped working one day, and no amount of tinkering would make it turn on. Whatever your reason for considering replacement, you need to receive a professional diagnosis in order to evaluate your unique situation appropriately. That said, there are some common signs that may indicate you need to replace your air conditioner, rather than to continue repairing it.

We’d like to look at a few such reasons.

Frequent repairs: This is the most common reason to pursue replacement. When your AC needs professional repair on a regular basis, then it may be time to consider upgrading to a new model. We rely on our air conditioners throughout the hot and humid summer, and a major breakdown in the middle of the summer may be an irritating disruption you want to avoid. Pre-emptively replacing your unit puts you in control of your home comfort.

Old AC: If your AC has seen better days, it’s probably a good time to upgrade. Over time, whether due to neglect or general wear and tear, your AC components will start to break down. Your old AC may take a long time to cool your home, or it may fail to cool your home at all. These are all issues when you need reliable and effective cooling during the hot months.

Energy efficiency: Today’s air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient than those of even just 10 years ago. This is an important factor when considering whether to repair or replace. Consult with your local professional to see how much you might save in the long-term by upgrading to a new central air system, or by taking advantage of geothermal technology.


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